advantage of lifetime membership member

Introduction of lifetime membership of world (China) direct selling brand festival:

World (China) direct selling brand festival member club, founded in 2007, is famous for the value of the direct selling and the brand awareness in the industry. As a platform of exchange meeting resource by global meeting organization, it has stable, loyal and high-end attendee worldwide. The club members can attend the meeting regularly and with the network resources and relevant information they can contact to all direct sellers over the world.

To better serve our customers, with just one time membership fee you will become our lifetime member and be awarded the honour of world (China) direct selling brand festival lifetime membership.

entrance fee: ¥100,000/per person


ONE、meeting advantage

1、Free meeting for VIP diamond class members for the lifetime

Free direct selling brand festival annual meeting for the lifetime, VIP diamond class member service and meeting advantage including:

leader, fee of World (China) direct selling brand festival (including fee of study, fee of material, gift fee, photo shooting fee etc.), visit fee of expo site, visit fee of achievement exhibition, accommodation fee of 5 stars hotel (2 nights), 6 stars treatment comprehensive fee.

In addition to the above rights and interests, such as the new year's diamond VIP will have a new set of interests, can also enjoy for free.

2、Be awarded the honour of world (China) direct selling brand festival lifetime membership member

Organizing committee will awarded this award to the new members at current festival annual meeting

TWO、site advantage

1、Free ad on Honour Wall once

Organizing committee will give free advertisement of new members on honour Wall once at current festival annual meeting

2、Free character image on the festival magazine each time

Free character image publicity on festival magazine for all members each year direct selling brand festival

THREE、appreciation advantage

1、member club resource platform

With the help of global resources from member club will receive more information from well-connected business man, market development and industry news to find more chance to self service

2、become special correspondent

As a special correspondent of Hope Media can keep in touch with top management in the industry, through by interview or intensive talks to learn and share their top business management experience

3、develop own brand

As the world (China) direct selling brand festival lifetime membership member and resources platform will help building own brand and enhance the role of promotion

Note: the above members' rights are limited to the parties. A membership shall not be lent to others in their own places; any change in membership regardless of their position or service units, the rights and interests of the members only for the parties, do not change

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