brand festival overview

our story

Adhering to the "create a century brand, the achievements of the century," the mission of the world (China) direct selling brand festival annual meeting came into being, since its debut in Shanghai in 2007, so far has been successfully held nine times.

As the brand development as the core theme of the global event of the global direct selling industry, the world (China) direct selling brand festival is continuing to explore the brand building, transformation, innovation and development in the complex economic environment. it's committed to promoting the localization and globalization combine perfectly, cross-border exchanges innovation thinking, pass on the strength of brand , to create a global direct selling King feast

Our persistence

Always adhere to promote the wisdom of direct selling brand localization and Globalization

Always adhere to the continuous change of thinking and focus on the innovation of leading brands

Always adhere to establish the exchanges of direct selling industry and in-depth cooperation in various areas of the global platform

our heritage

No follow, no exaggerated, based on fundamental, return to nature, not only do topic faddist but the leader.

With 13 years of professional media perspective, introduce you a real direct selling industry. Changes in the industry, economic ups and downs, industry trends, from the platform of this authority to penetrate, leading the industry trend again and again!

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