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World direct selling research institute—encyclopaedia of direct selling industry

World direct selling research institute was founded in 2014. It’s committed to the global direct selling research field, from a professional perspective development of the direct selling industry, analysis of the status quo and trend of the global major area of development of the industry. It has “bigger database of direct selling industry”、“more senior research team”and “more authoritative institutions”as their solid backing, analysis of information and initiatives of direct selling enterprises in the market: the deep factors mining enterprise decision-making; strategic planning for enterprises, to provide reference for market decision.

global personal brand laboratory

The global personal brand laboratory is a professional organization for personal brand standards, brand value evaluation and authentication for direct selling industry. It takes more than 100 international top brand (Marketing) experts as the basis, and extensive cooperated with Peking University, Nanjing University, Wuhan University and other colleges and departments. To provide personal brand diagnosis, brand positioning, brand planning, brand building, brand evaluation, brand authentication, brand rankings and other personalized services of direct selling industry. At present, personal brand laboratory has their own website to publish the results of individual brand research occasionally, but publish albums and picture albums regularly, in order to gradually enhance the social function of individual brands.

organizational unit introduction

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DIR Group-- The most valuable integrated services in the field of direct selling in the world

DIR Group was founded in 2004 with a professional perspective to witness the transformation and development of China’s direct selling industry and witness and communicator of China’s direct selling industry. The DIR group management and operation of the enterprise, has four branches, a strong integration of government, business, academic, and multimedia data, brand resources, to provide comprehensive professional services for direct selling enterprises, distributors and systems

Hope Media—direct selling brand media integration communication organization

Since Hope Media was establishment in 2004, it has direct selling magazine, direct selling mobile phone newspaper, new media (WeChat, website), world (China) direct selling brand festival annual meeting and Guqintai publishing house five direct selling of all media products platform. Its integration plenty of data, academic, brand and multimedia resources, with the most active and development potential enterprises, distributors and system as their major service object. Its services over hundreds of businesses, hundreds of thousands of systems and direct selling leaders and over ten thousands of distributors per year, it’s the most trusted media partners of the direct selling industry.

Syncplex--Direct selling consulting services integration specialist

Syncplex Consultancy & Management Co. Ltd was founded in 2013, is the independently of the wholly-owned subsidiary operated by DIR Group , focusing on the global selling consultant, is committed to provide excellent and quality consultant of the direct selling industry, has a professional and pragmatic strategy of global marketing consultant team, developed countries and regions with depth study and experience, discover customer advantage, solve customers the most thorny issues, help to grasp the opportunity, to establish a stable and sustainable development of the business platform

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