“6.18”the day of world direct selling brand ,welcome home

Dear respectful family members of world direct selling:

       How time flies, the direct selling industry has been resurrected after a hard transition period, going to a new era. World (China) direct selling festival annual meeting is the one directed by the Direct Marketing Research Committee of China World Trade Organization and supported by global personal brand lab and global direct selling research institute, DIR Group Management Limited Company, Hope Media, and Wuhan Syncplex Consultancy & Management Co. Ltd, global direct selling association union members (58 countries) and international authoritative media. From the professional perspective, we witness the global direct selling transformation and development.

we join all global direct selling family members together
witnessed the industry growing orderly and rapidly
Witnessed the support from the government and public recognition going higher
witnessed plenty of the salesman becoming elite staff and their change in life and fate.
Witnessed plenty families with health, wealth and happiness……

       Direct selling industry had weathered many storms in the past but will have miracles in the future. Standing at the new starting point of direct selling development, we dream that all salesman will be famous, industry will attract worldwide attention, our culture will spread all over the world……therefore, with the help of world (china) direct selling brand festival, we create our own day the“ world direct selling brand festival ” with the global direct salesman. To fasten our passionate and power together, passing direct selling spirit, to make direct selling industry getting stronger and stronger! Sincerely hope that you will like “world direct selling brand day”and celebrate our day together. We are waiting for you on world direct selling brand day (18th June) 18th of June 2017, let’s meet up at The Westin Wuhan Wuchang be there or be square!

Direct Marketing Research Committee of China World Trade Organization
global personal brand lab
world direct selling research institute
DIR Group Management Limited Company
Hope Media
Syncplex Consultancy & Management Co. Ltd
Feb 2017

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